Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rain Out

One of my favorite movie scenes comes from Bull Durham.  Crash Davis, the catcher, and the rest of the team are bogged down with life on the road and a rough season of minor league baseball.  Crash is the older wiser player who has been to "the show".  If you don't speak fluent baseball, that means he had at one time made it to the Majors.  Crash takes on the role of team leader and tries to impart some of his wisdom to his younger, dumber players.  So, Crash and the boys need a break, but there is none in sight. Crash, standing at the ball field explains to the others, "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you get a rain out." And this is what occurred next...... 

If you didn't click the link to the video, you should.  But if you are really against it, I will tell you.  Crash then proceeds to turn on the water sprinklers.  "Oh My Goodness! We've got ourselves a natural disaster."  They then partook in some boy like shenanigans of running the bases and sliding in the mud.

Sunday, as the rain and sleet and sub-freezing temperatures rolled in, I found myself thinking of this movie and desperately wanting a rain out.   I must admit the emotion I felt when I saw my school district was closed was not all that different than the Durham Bulls experienced that night.  I cheered!  I danced!  I quoted Crash's line.  I needed a day at my house with a clear calendar.  I needed a day where I got to focus on my kids.  I needed a 3 day weekend and God delivered in the form of an ice storm. Sleet fell like manna from heaven. It was just what I needed when I needed it.  

Today I went back feeling much better about having the energy to go the distance.  I went back thankful that relief sometimes comes in unexpected ways.  And I  leave you today with high hopes that some well timed "rain outs" come your way.