Monday, June 10, 2013

Times they are a changin'

I am at my kids' school a lot.  A whole lot.  I don't think I am a helicopter parent, I just like to help out.  I was there so much that I thought, maybe I should consider getting a job if one that I am qualified for became available.  And about 38 seconds after I had that thought, someone asked me if I would consider working at the school.  What?   So I pondered it and I asked my kids about it to which they immediately begin praying that I would get a job at the school.  I was not "all in" on this idea.  I LOOOOOOOVE being a stay at home mom.   Giving up all that time that I can devote to my babies is a little terrifying to me, so I urged them (and myself) to change their prayer.  I asked them to pray that God would put me where he needed me most.  

And we all did just that.  

And I applied for the job.  

Shortly after I put in the application, I got a call saying the position had been filled.   So, I was all ready to continue on my merry way when the proverbial "but" came in.   "But, we would love for you to interview for the Instructional Aide position."  And in the next second, this is exactly what went through my head.  "No!  Heck No!  I can't do that.  I would be terrible at it.  I am staying home.  Oh, crap, wait.  I have been praying that God would put me where he needed me most.  Maybe that is what he is doing.  Is this the answer to the prayer?  If he wants me there, he will help me out, right, Moses?  Was there a disconnect?  Ok, I better interview.  It won't hurt and it is a great compliment that they would want to interview me.  I better do it.  This really could be where I am needed most."    

Yes, I can think and incredibly long run-on sentence in 1 second.  

So I scheduled the interview.  

Today, I was with my kids on the boat and I got a call.  My daughter answered my cell phone and I hear,  "She can't talk right now, she is pulling a tube in.  Oh, hang on, here she is."  "Hello.  Yes. I am at the lake.  Oh, that is great."   And then another second went through my mind, "Of all the people they want me?!?  I get to see my kids a whole lot more!  I will be working with lots of great people!  What am I thinking?  I can't do this.  Yes, I can."   

And now I say, "God, I hope you are right."