Monday, September 23, 2013

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say.......

Well, my fearless followers, I am sure you are wondering where in the world I have been?  I have been with Ozzy Osborne going off the rails on the CrAzy TrAin!  And it hasn't been a good crazy either.   Good crazy is baseball tournament weekends.  Good crazy is Nutcracker week.   Good crazy is last minute Christmas shopping.   This crazy has had me stressed, mad, sick, hot, cranky and generally "none fun".   None fun is how my daughter used to tell me she was not enjoying something.  I like it because none fun seems to have more impact than no fun.  Since I had nothing nice to say, I, go ahead and finish the old saying, I said nothing at all.    Because that is what my Mom taught me to do.   This was more of an emotional lock down.  Also, I didn't want to turn my rainbow all black and grey and dull writing rage posts.  If you are in to rage posts, go check out People I Want to Punch in the Throat.  She does rage well, and is funny too.  She had lots of commentary on Miley at the VMA's.
Anyway, as I was stewing, I gained some perspective on things.  I learned I need to be more specific.  When I applied for a job at the kids' school, I prayed for God to put me where he needed me most.  I interviewed for a position that I wasn't even considering.  I got it.  The people who hired me left the school.   The job turned out to be totally different from anything I expected.  I cried a lot and considered quitting.  I was moved to another totally different position.  I am now feeling much more at peace with everything.  I am not sure if God got me where he needed me the most or my principal got me where she needed me the most, but whatever the truth is,  I am happy in my new position.  Buuuuut, the next time I am considering making big life changes, this will be my prayer.  "Dear God, That was one amazing train ride we had last time.  Please, I beg of you, put me on a direct flight to where you need me the most. First class, if that is not too much trouble."  JUST KIDDING. Maybe.

I learned that I have amazing friends.  I knew this, but they stepped up their game for me over the last few weeks.  Friends who let me cry.  Friends who listened to my insecurities. Friends who genuinely want to see me succeed.  Friends who genuinely want to see me happy.  Friends with much more faith in me than I have in myself.  Friends who make me laugh.  Friends who make me cookies. Friends who make me better, just because I am lucky enough to know them.

I have learned that I have amazing kids!  This too is something I knew, but they proved it to me, again.  They put desserts and notes in MY lunchbox the first week of school when I was overwhelmed and did not do the same for them.  They made me a clip board to keep my bus list on.  They made me a sign to hang on my classroom door so I wouldn't be the only one on the team without one.  They have been on the ball in the morning and patient in the afternoon.  They were without a doubt sent to me on a First Class ticket and I am eternally grateful.

I have learned that my dad is so wise and my mom will do just about anything in the world to help me- even post surgery, even in a cast "boot".  I have learned that my husband is very patient.   I have learned to walk around the baskets of laundry that need to be folded and put away.   I have also accepted that they may be there for the next 12 years because there are more important things to do.    I have learned that I really do miss my sewing machine.  Last of all, I have learned that 9:00 is a good bedtime for me these days!  Good Night!

PS- The forecast here is finally cool in the morning and below 90 in the day.  This greatly increases the chance for rainbows!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Running Mind!

I am almost fully recovered from my surgery!  I have only little moments of pain, but they are different and more due to stiffness in my back.  I am so much happier without constant. nagging. pain!
Since I have been forced to slow down, my mind has been in overdrive.  Maybe by putting my thoughts down here for your amusement, I can get some peace.

1) Texas Rangers!  They took the lead in the AL West this weekend.  In looking at the schedule going forth and cross comparing it with the A's, I have decided that they both have a pretty light schedule coming down the stretch.  Assuming nothing ridiculous happens, it will all come down to who can win the most head to head games.

2)  I got a job!  I have never gotten a job and then not started for 3 months before.  That part has been bad for me.  It has given me lots of time to question it.  Can I do it? What was I thinking?  HOW am I going to pull it all off?  What am I going to wear?  I have been comfy (ok, probably too comfy!) for a long long time! When will I make dinner?  What was I thinking?  I kind of wish I could have started right away so I didn't have the chance for all these questions to enter my mind.

3) I am really excited about being at school with my kids.  It will all be fine.  I can do it.  It will be worth it.

4) I need to get some serious sewing done.  Tutu, Quilts, Halloween Costumes, Derington Christmas Gifts.

5) I need to clean my closet.  Out.

6) 2-0 Rangers in the top of the 8th.

7) I need to organize recipes and plan a menu for like the WHOLE month of September.  Then dinner won't be a surprise.

8) I need to clean out my daughter's drawers. She is "down stream" size wise from a couple of very fashionable and generous neighbors.  We need to make room for the latest windfall!

9) I need to get the kids back to school outfits.  I am not going nutty because all trends indicate they are about to grow. Also, see #8.

10) I need to back up my pictures.  My poor kids are pretty much only documented in digital photographs.  If my computer dies, they are gone.  I think I will do that now.  

11) I need to read a bunch of books.  OK, I want to read a bunch of books.  

12) I need to get moving again. With my doctor's approval.  I think I will try some pilates classes at a dance studio down the road.  I have tried running and what not, and I hated it.  And I QUIT.  So, I am going to get back to what I once loved, dance.  When I get back some flexibility and strength, maybe I will dust off my ballet slippers!

13) I wonder, often, how does The Pioneer Woman do it?  She has double my amount of kids! She takes amazing photographs.  She makes amazing meals.  She home schools her kids.  She writes cook books. She helps on the ranch. She watches tons of movies and tv shows. She has a TV show.   AND she seems to love her sleep as much as I do.  How does she do it?   I hate her so much.  Really, I love her so much, but sheesh, she is making this Suburb Woman feel a wee bit inadequate.

Wheeew!  That feels a little bit better.  I think I will haul out my recipes and begin that plan!

Sunday, July 7, 2013


So tomorrow My Slice of the Rainbow is going under the knife.  Yep, I am having surgery!  Over a year and a half ago I slipped on some ice.  I didn't fall, but gracefully awkwardly saved myself from it.  After carefully surveying the parking lot to assess who witnessed my grace, I went along my merry way.  A few days later, my leg started hurting.   I did not connect the dots.  I thought, "It will go away.  I am too tough and too busy for pain."  And day after day I thought that.  And it hurt and hurt.  I kept on doing what I was doing and then some and it kept hurting.  Finally, I decided something has to give and I saw a chiropractor.  She worked and worked and I got no real relief so she sent me for a MRI.  Only then did we see that the disc is all over my nerve and I should see a surgeon.  And I did. So, tomorrow I am getting my disc trimmed off of my nerves and I hope like heck it fixes the pain so I can get back to where I was a year and a half ago.
And I can get on with what is to come.  And I can get back in shape, and pick up a tennis racket, and buy some tap shoes, and use my hula hoop, and go on walks, and sit on bleachers, and sew, and wake board, and hit infield to the boy, and be Mother Ginger, and grocery shop, and roll over in bed all without the pain and the numb foot and generally wanting to cry at the end of the day.  

I hope you learn a few valuable lessons from my foolishness. In case you don't, I will spell it out for you.
1) Go ahead and fall.  If I would have fallen and broken a bone, I would have been better 16 months ago.   2)If it hurts, don't ignore it.  Sometimes pain doesn't go away.  Time does NOT heal all wounds.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Times they are a changin'

I am at my kids' school a lot.  A whole lot.  I don't think I am a helicopter parent, I just like to help out.  I was there so much that I thought, maybe I should consider getting a job if one that I am qualified for became available.  And about 38 seconds after I had that thought, someone asked me if I would consider working at the school.  What?   So I pondered it and I asked my kids about it to which they immediately begin praying that I would get a job at the school.  I was not "all in" on this idea.  I LOOOOOOOVE being a stay at home mom.   Giving up all that time that I can devote to my babies is a little terrifying to me, so I urged them (and myself) to change their prayer.  I asked them to pray that God would put me where he needed me most.  

And we all did just that.  

And I applied for the job.  

Shortly after I put in the application, I got a call saying the position had been filled.   So, I was all ready to continue on my merry way when the proverbial "but" came in.   "But, we would love for you to interview for the Instructional Aide position."  And in the next second, this is exactly what went through my head.  "No!  Heck No!  I can't do that.  I would be terrible at it.  I am staying home.  Oh, crap, wait.  I have been praying that God would put me where he needed me most.  Maybe that is what he is doing.  Is this the answer to the prayer?  If he wants me there, he will help me out, right, Moses?  Was there a disconnect?  Ok, I better interview.  It won't hurt and it is a great compliment that they would want to interview me.  I better do it.  This really could be where I am needed most."    

Yes, I can think and incredibly long run-on sentence in 1 second.  

So I scheduled the interview.  

Today, I was with my kids on the boat and I got a call.  My daughter answered my cell phone and I hear,  "She can't talk right now, she is pulling a tube in.  Oh, hang on, here she is."  "Hello.  Yes. I am at the lake.  Oh, that is great."   And then another second went through my mind, "Of all the people they want me?!?  I get to see my kids a whole lot more!  I will be working with lots of great people!  What am I thinking?  I can't do this.  Yes, I can."   

And now I say, "God, I hope you are right."   

Monday, April 15, 2013

Change of Plans....

So, this weekend, we did not lift a piece of clothing in my daughter's room.  Nor did we do the one thing I wanted to get done- spring pictures.  Why???  What could happen to derail my whole grand scheme?  Boys.  That's what happened.    Our boys were riding bikes home from baseball practice and my son was walking his across the street.  He hit the curb with the front tire and it rebounded into his face.  He busted his lip and we had to go to the ER and get stitches.  So we leave my daughter at the neighbors and off we go.  We went to a Children's ER and it was an excellent choice.  We only had to wait a little while, though, I had the ONLY kid bleeding from his face in there, so I thought it could have been a little quicker.   Everyone was nice.  They took great care of my baby.  
All the while, we had dropped my daughter off with our neighbors.  They are the kindest, most generous, sweetest people.  I shove her in the door unfed and a little shaken knowing they will take great care of her.  And they did.  And then the Texas Rangers, no not the baseball team, the Chuck Norris kung fu hero rifle shooting law enforcement agency knocks on their door.  Some one up to no good is using their address.  They sort out everything they can and are finishing up when we go to get Lindsay.   Sheesh.  11:30 we finally go to sleep.  
Saturday morning, approximately 12 hours after getting the stitches, the boy started coughing.  Did I mention he started the week with pneumonia and an ear infection?   Well, this coughing caused him to bust out a stitch.   We were down to 1 stitch.  Luckily the more important one stayed intact.  When she put them in, the doctor said there was nothing we could do about it if he busted one, so we dried the tears and moved on.  We went to see friends play baseball.   We went to Sonic.  We sat in the yard and visited with friends and did nothing productive the rest of the day.
Sunday was church and nap and lunch with grandparents and hauling some furniture.  It was good too, but still I couldn't regain the fortitude it takes to go into that room.
So now on Monday, I am re-arranging furniture.  Picking up, recovering, tidying, stapling books for Kindergarten, getting my hip worked on, Costco, grocery and back to the old routine!

Friday, April 12, 2013


Sooooooo, I have promised my daughter I will get in the trenches with her and help her clean her room.  WHY??? You ask.....   It has gotten to the stage of bad it is bothering me.  And I can happily sleep at night with laundry unfolded and dishes undone.  It is so bad I fear her ability to flee if we had a fire.  I fear more a pile falling on her in the night.  I fear most a raccoon family is coexisting with her, happily hiding in her piles of clothes by day and roaming free at night.  I exaggerate! I do fear I am raising a p-i-g pen though!  
Her room is filled with her treasure, by which I mean total crap we don't know what to do with, but simply cannot let go and 10,003 loose bobby pins.  The act of inserting a hanger into a piece of clothing and then placing it on the bar is almost completely foreign to her.  This was not the case when she was 3.  What happened?  It doesn't matter now.  We HAVE to go in. Luckily it is not disgusting filthy, just a big huge overwhelming clutter mess!  Maybe if we work in 30 minute increments and allow frequent breaks for wine (me) and whine (her)  no one will have a full on meltdown.  Maybe......
And maybe when the crew from Hoarders shows up I can casually say, "Oh, I am so sorry.  You must have received some bad information.  We are a tidy bunch here!"  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crafty Projects

Here's the SHORT list of items I want to complete over the next few months.....

1) Organize and arrange the toy room into my creative paradise. (On going) 
2) Carter's Quilt (ASAP)
3) George Teacher Quilt (June 3!)
4) Lindsay Teacher Quilt (June 3!!)
5) Dyslexia Therapist Teacher Quilt (June 3!!!) 
6) King Size Quilt for my bed (ASAP)
7) Nutcracker Quilt for Lindsay and Auction (Aug 1)
8) New Tutu for the Snow Queen (No, I am not making it for myself.  Sept. 30)
9) Baseball Quilt for George (October 18)
10) Navy Block of the Month Quilt (Dec 20)
11) Christmas Quilt (Nov 1)
12) American Girl Doll Nutcracker Costume Set for DRB (Yes, I am serious)
13) Re-finish my kitchen cabinets (I live in a fantasy land)
14) Paint my bedroom (good luck)  

If we don't do anything else, I think I can pull it off.  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

It has been a long time since a book grabbed me by the collar and would not let go until I read it all. RIGHT! NOW!  This is exactly what The Storyteller did to me.  I bought the book having read nothing simply because I adore this author.  She is a phenomenal writer.  Her style consists of writing the story in first person, but as the story progresses, you see the first person point of view from all the main characters.   So, you get to know all the players from inside their heads.  She is also kind enough to change the typeface for each character, though the voice given to each character leaves no confusion who is telling the story at any given point.  And just when it is all coming together she spins you around with something you never saw coming and you lose your breath and you are reeling and it all means so much more than you ever imagined it would.  I Promise.

While fiction, Jodi's books are extremely well researched and will teach you something and they will take you into moral dilemmas that you didn't think you ever wanted to think about.  In the end, you will come out knowing a little more about yourself.  I cannot read two of her books in a row because they are heavy and they make me think so much, I am kind of exhausted when I finish one.   Not a bad exhausted like you take the kids to Target and one has a meltdown over a Lego set and the other one wets their pants and you soon figure out they both have that stomach bug that has been going around....and you do too.   Nope, it is a good exhausted.  Like after a nice workout (Now, I am writing fiction because I cannot remember what that feels like!)

Anyway, The Story Teller is about a young woman named Sage grieving the loss of her mother, Sage's Jewish grandmother Minka, and Josef, who Sage meets at her grief group.  Oh, Sage is a baker.   There is lots of talk about bread.  Lots.  It will make you twitch for some carbs.  Another itty bitty thing: Sage's grandma is a Holocaust survivor.  Her story is amazing.  It was incredibly hard to read because her character is so real, yet I could not put it down.  (The last book I read and felt like this- also highly recommended by me--was Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken.  It was a NON fiction about a Louis Zamperini, survivor of a Japanese POW camp in, yep, WW2.)

So the moral of this post is, GO READ THE STORYTELLER. NOW!  GO! If not that one, I suggest Change of Heart, My Sister's Keeper (PLEASE don't watch the movie- it's crap),  Plain Truth, or Handle With Care, just a few of my other Picoult favorites.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Letter to My Dear Boy

Dear G,

      I just read a magazine article that mentioned paying kids for accomplishments they make on the football field.    You had also mentioned that some of the kids on your baseball team do this too and asked if we could do it.   My knee jerk reaction was a solid maybe, and I went so far as to say, “I will consider it, but I will also fine you for each ball that goes between your legs.”   There are always good lessons to be learned when money is involved and I really considered it.  But when I said what I said, my gut sent a message and I began a little soul searching.  You see, your team is new and you are off to a blazing 7 game losing streak.   The team holds a lot of promise, but has not experienced that “Hallelujah Chorus” moment as of yet.   I think you NEED something to help keep your heads up, but I have spent the last couple of days thinking about it, and thinking about what I want for you in this experience and have come to the conclusion that  money is not going to be the answer. 

     Your reward is playing the game.  See that word, playing!  You are playing and it is supposed to be fun and fun should be enough.  I know how “un-fun” losing is, but lucky for you, fun is not the only reward this experience has to offer you.   And really, even losing at baseball is a privilege that many kids don’t have because they don’t even get to play.   

     You are learning perseverance.  That means sticking with something.  Even when it is hard.  Even when it just plain sucks.   Life is going to throw you some really tough situations and the only way to get through them is by manning up and getting through.   Remember your favorite book “The Longest Season” by Cal Ripken Jr?  The one about the 1988 Orioels’ season that began with a 21 game losing streak?  The lesson in that book is perseverance and I think you like it so much because you are so excited for the O’s when they make it through.    

     You are learning perspective and dealing with disappointment.  So you lost some games?  That stinks.  But the sun rose and you kept on breathing and your mom still loves you and God still holds a great plan for you and these are the things that truly matter.   Sports are very, very important. Family, and Love, and God are even more important.  Remembering that is perspective!  

     You are learning to be a team player.  You boys are all in this together and there is nothing more rewarding than coming together, working together, and meeting a goal together.   You are going to be a part of many, many teams in your life.  Bringing your best to the team and helping others to be able to do the same is going to serve you well each and every day.  Benny did this for the kids at The Sandlot, and that is why he was such a great teammate.       

     You are learning sportsmanship.  My favorite play that you have made all season long was not a home run and was not a play in the field.  This play involved you picking up the opposing team’s catcher’s helmet and carrying it back to him when you came up to bat.  You did not have to do that, but it made my heart explode with pride when you did.  A simple gesture of helping out a fellow ball player  showed sportsmanship and respect for your opponent.  If you respect your opponent in that way, and play with class and dignity, NO MATTER the outcome of the game, you can walk away with your head held high.   Remember on The Sandlot when the boys rode in on their bikes and challenged Benny’s team to a game?  Remember why we hated them so much?  They had no respect for their opponent (and they were beaten badly because of it). 

     You are learning real consequences.  When you miss a ball, the consequence is that out is not made…...  maybe  the runner scores……maybe  you lose.  When you make mistakes in the field, it makes things easier on your opponent and harder on your team.  I want you to work hard and do your best for sake of your team, not for the sake of your personal gain.   I do not expect perfection out of you.  I expect effort.  Solid, honest effort.  I don’t expect error free outings, but I do want excuse free ones.  

     You are learning to do what it takes; to give it your all.  Sometimes you have to dive.  Sometimes you have to get dirty.  Sometimes you have to swing no matter what the pitch looks like.  Sometimes a throw comes in that you didn’t see coming and you have to slide.  Sometimes you have to keep going even with a big grisly catcher blocking your path to home.   Sometimes you drop a ball and the very same thing comes back at you with the very next batter.  Just part of the game, right?  Yes, but it is also rising to the challenge and facing obstacles and making the most of a second chances.     
     You are learning integrity.  You call a ball, you get it.  You make a mistake, you own it.   Then you work hard to not let it happen again.   You do something fantastic, you smile and relish in that moment without bragging.  Everyone will be happy for you without you reminding them they should be. 
You are learning independence.  When you step on that field, you have to do it yourself.  Daddy and I cannot catch, or throw, or hit, or think for you.  We are right there watching and cheering you on,  but you have to do it on your own.   I promise there is not a better feeling than knowing “I DID THAT BY MYSELF!”    

     You are making friends.  We have been blessed with a wonderful group of players, coaches, and families as a part of our team.  This should be the greatest reward of all.  Our friends and our relationships with people are the most important thing we can have.   Period. 

     So, No, Dear Boy, there will be no cash for playing baseball.   I am not saying it is wrong.  I just fear that if money gets involved you will focus only on that and will miss all of the life lessons that the great sport of baseball is trying to teach you.  And I believe allowing that to happen  would be an "E" in my score book. 
I love you!  YOU are my heart’s delight!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Every year when baseball season rolls around, I get an extraordinary surprise.  I remember just how much I love the game.  I am sure I have said it before here, but I grew up with 3 brothers who all played ball through High School.  They covered the field.  A 2nd baseman, a catcher, and a pitcher/right fielder.  I never had a choice (that I recall) in attending a game, but once I got there, I pretty much watched and learned.   It was the 80's.  Aside from a Rubik's Cube, no handheld games or smart phones, so watch and learn was really the only choice I had.  I enjoyed playing fast pitch softball, but when we moved to a new town, slow pitch was the only option and I found it fantastically boring.  And so began my life as a spectator.
A grand portion of my memories of being a kid happened at a ball park.  I remember sitting under the bleachers and peeking out when the sun was too much.
I remember locking my aunt's keys in her car at a ball park.
I remember being diagnosed with chicken pox (which we first thought were mosquito bites) at a ball park.
The earliest crush I can remember having was on a boy on my oldest brother's little league team.  I was probably about 8.  There is something magically handsome about a baseball uniform.  (Insert "Dream Weaver" chorus here.)
I remember playing ball with my older brothers and going to buy my first glove.  I couldn't use a hand me down because I am a lefty.
I remember the black eye I got from walking into a Louisville Slugger.  A wood one.
I remember watching my dad coach my little brother's teams.
I remember my freshman brother getting called up to varsity and pitching a game with his senior brother behind the plate.  That was amazing and gut wrenching all at one time.
I remember the lowest GPA I ever brought home was Spring of my Freshman year and the only excuse I could offer was "Aggie Baseball".  I had never had that many games at my disposal before.  
I remember the feeling of unity among the teams and their fans.  A family for the season.
The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.
I remember Mrs. Biagini, a tiny little woman, with a much larger voice and a Minnesota accent.  She would cheer and yell the most wonderful things and they sounded so great.  Her best work came each time her son would come to bat.  "Hey Davey, don't swing at no garbage."  I use that on occasion and have over the years worked very hard to hone my accent for a perfect delivery.  
I remember being the coldest cold and the hottest hot at the ball park.
The grime of red dirt on my skin and teeth and scalp.  The sunburns.  The wind burn.  Sand in my eyes.  Nachos with Jalapenos and a Dr. Pepper.
I remember being very happy and at home at the ball park and I wouldn't trade these memories, black eye included, for anything.
So each year when baseball season comes around, I feel the surprise.  It really shouldn't be a surprise, but it is.  Like running into an old friend.  You know the kind.  You can pick up where you left off, no matter how long it has been.  The kind it pains you to let go and only when they return do you fully realize just how much you missed them.  I spent this weekend watching my little boy and my friends' little boys play ball.  It was great.  I was happy.  And it made me think of all these things.  And it made me sigh and say, "Welcome back baseball.  Come in. Stay a while."

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Long time

Helloooooo friends!
It has been a while.  Clearly, that is my fault.   I have been busy sewing.  I made some jumbo baseball pants fit my little pee wee ball player.  It took a very, very long time.  I have another pair to do because, hey, they are white baseball pants and one pair will be on and one pair will be soaking at ALL times.  



I helped work on some dance costumes and got to go watch them dance.  Sorry- No pictures of that.  But when videos get posted, I will be putting my favorites on here.  

I am still trying to organize my sewing room.  
I still love Oreos.  
My house has been cleaned twice.  It feels amazingly wonderful to sit and write for a moment without dust induced guilt.  

And last of all, I fell in love with a TV show.  Visualize for me....
Puffy Heart Puffy Heart Downton Abbey Puffy Heart  Puffy Heart.  
I cannot write on this now because I am trying really hard to figure out a way to convince you that if you want to remain my friend, you must watch it all done while not spoiling it for you.  

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Craft Room

It is Sunday.  I love Sunday.  I take a nap every Sunday.  Except when the husband is out of town.  And he is.   Let out a very big sigh right now.  Follow that up with a very big yawn.  This is how I am feeling at the moment.  Sigh.  Yawn.  
So instead of a nap, I am trying to work and clean the playroom/craft room/piano room.  My kids don't really play with toys too much anymore.  This gives me a very mixed feeling of sadness and relief.  Sad that they are growing up so darn fast.  Relief that I no longer need to devote a room of my home to toy storage.  The room we use is really a formal dining room.  Many years ago, my husband built a wall to close it off to be our office.  We were at the time using the office as the toy room because it had doors.  Then I switched the rooms and the "office" was my creative area and the toys were hidden in a concealed plastic paradise.  Then we got a piano.  Into the plastic paradise it went.  Then I got a thingy with 25 cubby holes.  If you click the link, you shall see that it is an Ikea Expedit bookcase.  It is extremely versatile and awesome.   I loaded it up with my sewing stuff.  And I was so pleased.   Then Doug began working from home.  My space was gone! Gone, I say.  G-O-N-E!   I was left with nothing.  So I took over the kitchen table because we eat 99% of our meals at the island anyway.   And I began storing stuff in our bedroom.  And there was  not a single room in the house that wasn't messy.  I began to live in constant fear of the crew from hoarders showing up on my door step.  Then we got an extremely nice, free couch.   I bet you didn't know there was such a thing.  But there is and it is mine now.   It went into the toy room.  And then, my husband left on business and I decided to paint his office and rearrange the furniture and move the craft stuff out (not to be confused with the sewing stuff.  The 25 cubbies stayed) to move the couch in.  The kids could now be trusted with access to markers and beads more than they could be trusted with a white couch.  Also, I thought it would make his office feel nicer since he was in there all the time.  It was a 3 man job.  I did it alone.    He was not thrilled with my decisions.  Two days later as he peacefully slept on the couch in his office I crept up to his slumbering face and yelled, "I told you so!" (OK, not really, but I wanted to.)
So now, I am working on the latest phase in the toy room saga as I try to minimize the kids' toys and maximize mine.  When I get done, I want it to look like this.....   But, alas, I look into it and find that she has purchased all that furniture and her sewing desk, while very cool cost $1500.  Another sigh.
Now I have to get creative.  So I dash on over to Ana White.  You don't know Ana White?   Well, she is amazing.   She is Bob the Builder for chicks.  She builds furniture.  Furniture that looks very Pottery Barn, but without the price tag.  She has plans for a table like I want.  See the aqua one in the middle?
Modern Craft Table-Aqua

She also has plans for the table that the sewing machine is on.  It is the narrow farmhouse table.  But I don't really have space for all of this, so I am left wondering what in the heck I am going to do.  I really really want that table.  Hint hint handy husband.  Valentine, Anniversary, Birthday are all coming. Don't make me do it myself.  It won't be level. I will measure twice and cut once and it will still be wrong. This is the entire reason I quit architecture.  It will look awful propped up on a deck of cards trying to keep it from wobbling.  And if it does wobble when I am rotary cutting, it will be a bloody mess.   Bye bye finger. And I will be down to 8 because I will probably lose at least one in the process of making the wobbly table.  Please.  Pretty pretty please.  Wow, I took you guys on a ride there.  Welcome to my mind!
I really want my room to match more.  I am tired of living in a hodgepodge.  I really want the now office to be my craft room but, that is not at all going to happen.   So, now that I have spent an hour in fantasy land looking at perfect craft rooms. (which clearly aren't used, right?  Where are the threads on the floor?  Where are the half finished projects? I mean if you have THAT, something should be in process all the time.)
I think the current answer is sort, arrange, donate, and ditch.  And just maybe in this process I will find the answers, or at least a whole new set of problems!   Happy Sunday Friends!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Menu Plan

Ok, so I said that I was going to try to do a better job of planning meals.
The kids and I came up with the week's plan.

Sunday-Turkey Tacos/Taco Salad
Monday- Lentils and Rice. Grapes.
Tuesday- Boneless Wings.  Fruit
Wednesday- Spaghetti and Meatballs.  Caesar salad. Green Beans.
Thursday-  Leftovers.
Friday- Doug's choice.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year!

Ahhhhhh, a New Year!  Yes, I do realize that I am a few days late in my acknowledgement of this event, but I have been in the mountains and time seems to stand still when on vacation!  So, today, back in my abode it is my New Year's day.  I have been thinking about resolutions and the best way to tackle them.  A few years ago, I read to choose a theme word and work toward that.  That seems to work for me.  Under the heading of that word, I try to add specific goals.....lots of them.  I always think, "I have 12 months to get this done. That is ample time.  I can do it." Then reality takes hold and a year turns into what seems like about 4 1/2 days and there is never enough time!
So for this year.... my word is going to be ROUTINE.  I am often guilty of flying by the seat of my pants.  I seem to work best under a pressing deadline.  And then, everything else falls by the wayside.  I admit that at times, dinner preparation comes as a surprise to me.  And, as stated before, I am not the best house keeper. I often fail at delegating and then I get cranky that I have no help!
Ahhh, the list goes on and on, but many of my woes can be solved if I work towards a routine.
So, here we go....the list--

1) Make a chore chart/list/assignment sheet for the kids. My husband says not to do this.  He says simply ask them when I want something done.  I, personally,  like to see things as part of a list and maybe they will too.    Assign regular chores and make some chores for pay.  Allow them to earn a little money to manage, save, and help squelch the "I want"s.
2) Purge unwanted stuff room by room
3) Prepare items for consignment.
4) Get help in the form of a maid.  I have wrestled hard with this.  Very hard.  My dear, sweet, wonderful, incredibly kind friend knows that this is my Achilles' heel and gave me the gift of a house cleaning for Christmas.  (No, I was not offended.  Relieved. Excited.  Overjoyed. But not offended!)  Opening that gift made my whole being let out a huge sigh of relief and from that moment on, I began thinking of things I could sacrifice to keep that sense of relief.  Target and I are going to have to go on a break.
5) Organize recipes and menu plan.  Then dinner won't be a surprise!
6) Manage the calendar and attempt to no get over booked. (Haaaaaaaaaaa haa haa!)

1) Tackle homework FIRST!
2) Prep and plan for activities
3) George- practice piano and baseball
4) Lindsay- School work, dance, art
5) Establish chores as part of daily living.  (Drop to your knees now and pray for me!)

MY STUFF (In no particular order)
1) Establish exercise as a part of life.
2) Complete half done quilts....there are lots of them.
3) Catch up Christmas scrapbook.  I have given up on the rest.  Scrapbooking is too high pressure.  I spend way too much time on each page.
4) Make another tutu.
5) Do Christmas sewing early.
6) Make something for myself.
7) Sew for others for pay to try to keep the maid.

So, that is all.  Completely do-able.  If nothing comes up. Ever.