Sunday, January 27, 2013

Craft Room

It is Sunday.  I love Sunday.  I take a nap every Sunday.  Except when the husband is out of town.  And he is.   Let out a very big sigh right now.  Follow that up with a very big yawn.  This is how I am feeling at the moment.  Sigh.  Yawn.  
So instead of a nap, I am trying to work and clean the playroom/craft room/piano room.  My kids don't really play with toys too much anymore.  This gives me a very mixed feeling of sadness and relief.  Sad that they are growing up so darn fast.  Relief that I no longer need to devote a room of my home to toy storage.  The room we use is really a formal dining room.  Many years ago, my husband built a wall to close it off to be our office.  We were at the time using the office as the toy room because it had doors.  Then I switched the rooms and the "office" was my creative area and the toys were hidden in a concealed plastic paradise.  Then we got a piano.  Into the plastic paradise it went.  Then I got a thingy with 25 cubby holes.  If you click the link, you shall see that it is an Ikea Expedit bookcase.  It is extremely versatile and awesome.   I loaded it up with my sewing stuff.  And I was so pleased.   Then Doug began working from home.  My space was gone! Gone, I say.  G-O-N-E!   I was left with nothing.  So I took over the kitchen table because we eat 99% of our meals at the island anyway.   And I began storing stuff in our bedroom.  And there was  not a single room in the house that wasn't messy.  I began to live in constant fear of the crew from hoarders showing up on my door step.  Then we got an extremely nice, free couch.   I bet you didn't know there was such a thing.  But there is and it is mine now.   It went into the toy room.  And then, my husband left on business and I decided to paint his office and rearrange the furniture and move the craft stuff out (not to be confused with the sewing stuff.  The 25 cubbies stayed) to move the couch in.  The kids could now be trusted with access to markers and beads more than they could be trusted with a white couch.  Also, I thought it would make his office feel nicer since he was in there all the time.  It was a 3 man job.  I did it alone.    He was not thrilled with my decisions.  Two days later as he peacefully slept on the couch in his office I crept up to his slumbering face and yelled, "I told you so!" (OK, not really, but I wanted to.)
So now, I am working on the latest phase in the toy room saga as I try to minimize the kids' toys and maximize mine.  When I get done, I want it to look like this.....   But, alas, I look into it and find that she has purchased all that furniture and her sewing desk, while very cool cost $1500.  Another sigh.
Now I have to get creative.  So I dash on over to Ana White.  You don't know Ana White?   Well, she is amazing.   She is Bob the Builder for chicks.  She builds furniture.  Furniture that looks very Pottery Barn, but without the price tag.  She has plans for a table like I want.  See the aqua one in the middle?
Modern Craft Table-Aqua

She also has plans for the table that the sewing machine is on.  It is the narrow farmhouse table.  But I don't really have space for all of this, so I am left wondering what in the heck I am going to do.  I really really want that table.  Hint hint handy husband.  Valentine, Anniversary, Birthday are all coming. Don't make me do it myself.  It won't be level. I will measure twice and cut once and it will still be wrong. This is the entire reason I quit architecture.  It will look awful propped up on a deck of cards trying to keep it from wobbling.  And if it does wobble when I am rotary cutting, it will be a bloody mess.   Bye bye finger. And I will be down to 8 because I will probably lose at least one in the process of making the wobbly table.  Please.  Pretty pretty please.  Wow, I took you guys on a ride there.  Welcome to my mind!
I really want my room to match more.  I am tired of living in a hodgepodge.  I really want the now office to be my craft room but, that is not at all going to happen.   So, now that I have spent an hour in fantasy land looking at perfect craft rooms. (which clearly aren't used, right?  Where are the threads on the floor?  Where are the half finished projects? I mean if you have THAT, something should be in process all the time.)
I think the current answer is sort, arrange, donate, and ditch.  And just maybe in this process I will find the answers, or at least a whole new set of problems!   Happy Sunday Friends!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Menu Plan

Ok, so I said that I was going to try to do a better job of planning meals.
The kids and I came up with the week's plan.

Sunday-Turkey Tacos/Taco Salad
Monday- Lentils and Rice. Grapes.
Tuesday- Boneless Wings.  Fruit
Wednesday- Spaghetti and Meatballs.  Caesar salad. Green Beans.
Thursday-  Leftovers.
Friday- Doug's choice.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year!

Ahhhhhh, a New Year!  Yes, I do realize that I am a few days late in my acknowledgement of this event, but I have been in the mountains and time seems to stand still when on vacation!  So, today, back in my abode it is my New Year's day.  I have been thinking about resolutions and the best way to tackle them.  A few years ago, I read to choose a theme word and work toward that.  That seems to work for me.  Under the heading of that word, I try to add specific goals.....lots of them.  I always think, "I have 12 months to get this done. That is ample time.  I can do it." Then reality takes hold and a year turns into what seems like about 4 1/2 days and there is never enough time!
So for this year.... my word is going to be ROUTINE.  I am often guilty of flying by the seat of my pants.  I seem to work best under a pressing deadline.  And then, everything else falls by the wayside.  I admit that at times, dinner preparation comes as a surprise to me.  And, as stated before, I am not the best house keeper. I often fail at delegating and then I get cranky that I have no help!
Ahhh, the list goes on and on, but many of my woes can be solved if I work towards a routine.
So, here we go....the list--

1) Make a chore chart/list/assignment sheet for the kids. My husband says not to do this.  He says simply ask them when I want something done.  I, personally,  like to see things as part of a list and maybe they will too.    Assign regular chores and make some chores for pay.  Allow them to earn a little money to manage, save, and help squelch the "I want"s.
2) Purge unwanted stuff room by room
3) Prepare items for consignment.
4) Get help in the form of a maid.  I have wrestled hard with this.  Very hard.  My dear, sweet, wonderful, incredibly kind friend knows that this is my Achilles' heel and gave me the gift of a house cleaning for Christmas.  (No, I was not offended.  Relieved. Excited.  Overjoyed. But not offended!)  Opening that gift made my whole being let out a huge sigh of relief and from that moment on, I began thinking of things I could sacrifice to keep that sense of relief.  Target and I are going to have to go on a break.
5) Organize recipes and menu plan.  Then dinner won't be a surprise!
6) Manage the calendar and attempt to no get over booked. (Haaaaaaaaaaa haa haa!)

1) Tackle homework FIRST!
2) Prep and plan for activities
3) George- practice piano and baseball
4) Lindsay- School work, dance, art
5) Establish chores as part of daily living.  (Drop to your knees now and pray for me!)

MY STUFF (In no particular order)
1) Establish exercise as a part of life.
2) Complete half done quilts....there are lots of them.
3) Catch up Christmas scrapbook.  I have given up on the rest.  Scrapbooking is too high pressure.  I spend way too much time on each page.
4) Make another tutu.
5) Do Christmas sewing early.
6) Make something for myself.
7) Sew for others for pay to try to keep the maid.

So, that is all.  Completely do-able.  If nothing comes up. Ever.