Thursday, February 27, 2014

Folsom Prison

A first grade homework assignment demanded that I stroll down memory lane into the uncharted waters of my hard drive looking for pictures of the boy from each year of his existence.  It was kind of depressing because I am reminded how quickly the time goes.  And also, my children's childhood memories are all on a piece of technology that is likely programmed by the manufacturer to self destruct.  But this gem made me smile. My little buddy was not yet 3 years old when I took this video.   This was his favorite song.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No Soup For YOU! (or Me)

For the last two days I have gotten out of bed at 5:30 AM (in the dark before the dawn- just to be clear!) to begin preparing Chicken Bacon and Wild Rice Soup so my family could eat something hot, delicious and homemade for dinner.  On Monday, I had the thought to put it in the crock pot to simmer into yum yum all day.  I fried the bacon.  I made the cream portion which is shockingly similar to making gravy--No wonder I like cream soups so much.  After this, I put it in the crock pot.  ONLY I forgot to add the chicken broth and the rice soaked up all the "gravy" and I made wild rice play dough.

So today, I got up resigned to make it on the stove.  I cooked rice, made the soup gravy and mixed it into a lovely soup.  Did I mention I started this process at 5:30 AM?  It is worthy of reiteration.  I turned off the stove and asked my husband to place it in the fridge when it wasn't boiling hot. With that, I walked. out. the. door.  I could come home from work, add the rotisserie chicken and bacon, heat it up, and we would be eating good.  ONLY HE forgot to put it in the fridge. So instead of almost done dinner, I found 9 hour old congealed cream soup.

I wanted to fall on the floor and cry.  I wanted to kick my husband in the shin.  I wanted to toss the pot across the room.  But, I didn't.  Tears, bodily harm, and pot chunkin', while satisfying,  would not bring back my soup.  As I collected myself and got a handle on the death of 2 soups in 2 days, Mr. Iron Gut ACTUALLY, for real Y'all, asked "Why can't we eat it?"  Rather than deliver a lecture (straight out of my college food bacteriology course) about temperature abuse, toxin producing staphylococcus, chills, sweats, dehydration, projectile vomiting, lethargy, abdominal pain, bloating, excessive gas and other lovely forms of gastrointestinal distress, I simply replied, "You can. Let me know what happens."  
He Did Not.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

What a Feeling!

Today, in Texas, we got a dusting of snow.  If you are from the South, you know the kind..Just enough to make everyone lose their minds, buy out grocery stores,  and call everything off, but not enough to have any fun.  As it turns out, being free on a weekday evening is a nice thing!  We went to Bath and Body Works to pick up some teacher appreciation goodies.  We went to Sephora and I picked out some new mascara that will hopefully stay on while the kids opened and tested all 1,683 bottles of nail polish in the store.  The girl picked a glorious sparkly red and I opted to give the much raved about Dior Show a shot.
After this, we arrived home at 5:00 where we finished homework, picked up a bit, cooked food in the oven and had a few minutes to sit down and blog!  I would not trade the joy they get from their various activities, but there is not much in life that is more refreshing than an unexpected break.  If only it were bad enough to extend through the day tomorrow!