Monday, September 17, 2012

The Boy's Room

I have been redoing my daughter's room.  The last time it was re-done, she was turning 4.  She is now turning 9.  9!  Well, part of her room redo (which I will not yet show you) involved swapping some furniture with her brother and thus re-arranging his room.  I did the swapping and re-arranging today.  I did not declutter his room yet due to lack of time.   I put a shorter dresser in his room.  I thought it would be nice if he could reach all of his drawers.  He thought it would be nice to climb the dresser,  jump off,  and pretend to "slam dunk like Dirk Nowiskey." Yes, I spelled it wrong-- that is how he said it.   It is also exactly how I feel about liquor- No Whiskey.

My husband built the loft to give him the feel of a dug out and afford him a little more floor space to play in.  I  would have liked to paint before the construction began, but alas, he just started building. Plus, the brands on the wall are from his western theme nursery.  Doug and I painted them.  Some are real brands from Texas ranches.  Some we made up to be significant to our family and interests.  Doug also made the barn wood sign.  He did it with black crayon--yes, crayon!  to give the weathered look.  Isn't it awesome?!
I have to figure out a better place for the night stand than in front of the ladder, but then again, the kid is part monkey.  Missing a few rungs won't slow him down!    I think at some point I will paint a scoreboard on the wall opposite the "dugout", but I have LOTS to do in the girly room first.  Tomorrow, I begin painting 3 pieces of furniture.......
Climb the dresser to the right.  Jump and dunk on the Nerf hoop in the center.  Awesome, huh?  

Just noticed he has attached the hoop with Duck tape.  So lovely and functional.


Leigh said...

Love it! His room is such a reflection of his personality.

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