Monday, April 15, 2013

Change of Plans....

So, this weekend, we did not lift a piece of clothing in my daughter's room.  Nor did we do the one thing I wanted to get done- spring pictures.  Why???  What could happen to derail my whole grand scheme?  Boys.  That's what happened.    Our boys were riding bikes home from baseball practice and my son was walking his across the street.  He hit the curb with the front tire and it rebounded into his face.  He busted his lip and we had to go to the ER and get stitches.  So we leave my daughter at the neighbors and off we go.  We went to a Children's ER and it was an excellent choice.  We only had to wait a little while, though, I had the ONLY kid bleeding from his face in there, so I thought it could have been a little quicker.   Everyone was nice.  They took great care of my baby.  
All the while, we had dropped my daughter off with our neighbors.  They are the kindest, most generous, sweetest people.  I shove her in the door unfed and a little shaken knowing they will take great care of her.  And they did.  And then the Texas Rangers, no not the baseball team, the Chuck Norris kung fu hero rifle shooting law enforcement agency knocks on their door.  Some one up to no good is using their address.  They sort out everything they can and are finishing up when we go to get Lindsay.   Sheesh.  11:30 we finally go to sleep.  
Saturday morning, approximately 12 hours after getting the stitches, the boy started coughing.  Did I mention he started the week with pneumonia and an ear infection?   Well, this coughing caused him to bust out a stitch.   We were down to 1 stitch.  Luckily the more important one stayed intact.  When she put them in, the doctor said there was nothing we could do about it if he busted one, so we dried the tears and moved on.  We went to see friends play baseball.   We went to Sonic.  We sat in the yard and visited with friends and did nothing productive the rest of the day.
Sunday was church and nap and lunch with grandparents and hauling some furniture.  It was good too, but still I couldn't regain the fortitude it takes to go into that room.
So now on Monday, I am re-arranging furniture.  Picking up, recovering, tidying, stapling books for Kindergarten, getting my hip worked on, Costco, grocery and back to the old routine!


.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

All I can say is I hope this week goes much better for you all!

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