Sunday, July 7, 2013


So tomorrow My Slice of the Rainbow is going under the knife.  Yep, I am having surgery!  Over a year and a half ago I slipped on some ice.  I didn't fall, but gracefully awkwardly saved myself from it.  After carefully surveying the parking lot to assess who witnessed my grace, I went along my merry way.  A few days later, my leg started hurting.   I did not connect the dots.  I thought, "It will go away.  I am too tough and too busy for pain."  And day after day I thought that.  And it hurt and hurt.  I kept on doing what I was doing and then some and it kept hurting.  Finally, I decided something has to give and I saw a chiropractor.  She worked and worked and I got no real relief so she sent me for a MRI.  Only then did we see that the disc is all over my nerve and I should see a surgeon.  And I did. So, tomorrow I am getting my disc trimmed off of my nerves and I hope like heck it fixes the pain so I can get back to where I was a year and a half ago.
And I can get on with what is to come.  And I can get back in shape, and pick up a tennis racket, and buy some tap shoes, and use my hula hoop, and go on walks, and sit on bleachers, and sew, and wake board, and hit infield to the boy, and be Mother Ginger, and grocery shop, and roll over in bed all without the pain and the numb foot and generally wanting to cry at the end of the day.  

I hope you learn a few valuable lessons from my foolishness. In case you don't, I will spell it out for you.
1) Go ahead and fall.  If I would have fallen and broken a bone, I would have been better 16 months ago.   2)If it hurts, don't ignore it.  Sometimes pain doesn't go away.  Time does NOT heal all wounds.


.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

Katy, I will be thinking about you and praying for a speedy recovery! xoxo

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