Sunday, August 11, 2013

Running Mind!

I am almost fully recovered from my surgery!  I have only little moments of pain, but they are different and more due to stiffness in my back.  I am so much happier without constant. nagging. pain!
Since I have been forced to slow down, my mind has been in overdrive.  Maybe by putting my thoughts down here for your amusement, I can get some peace.

1) Texas Rangers!  They took the lead in the AL West this weekend.  In looking at the schedule going forth and cross comparing it with the A's, I have decided that they both have a pretty light schedule coming down the stretch.  Assuming nothing ridiculous happens, it will all come down to who can win the most head to head games.

2)  I got a job!  I have never gotten a job and then not started for 3 months before.  That part has been bad for me.  It has given me lots of time to question it.  Can I do it? What was I thinking?  HOW am I going to pull it all off?  What am I going to wear?  I have been comfy (ok, probably too comfy!) for a long long time! When will I make dinner?  What was I thinking?  I kind of wish I could have started right away so I didn't have the chance for all these questions to enter my mind.

3) I am really excited about being at school with my kids.  It will all be fine.  I can do it.  It will be worth it.

4) I need to get some serious sewing done.  Tutu, Quilts, Halloween Costumes, Derington Christmas Gifts.

5) I need to clean my closet.  Out.

6) 2-0 Rangers in the top of the 8th.

7) I need to organize recipes and plan a menu for like the WHOLE month of September.  Then dinner won't be a surprise.

8) I need to clean out my daughter's drawers. She is "down stream" size wise from a couple of very fashionable and generous neighbors.  We need to make room for the latest windfall!

9) I need to get the kids back to school outfits.  I am not going nutty because all trends indicate they are about to grow. Also, see #8.

10) I need to back up my pictures.  My poor kids are pretty much only documented in digital photographs.  If my computer dies, they are gone.  I think I will do that now.  

11) I need to read a bunch of books.  OK, I want to read a bunch of books.  

12) I need to get moving again. With my doctor's approval.  I think I will try some pilates classes at a dance studio down the road.  I have tried running and what not, and I hated it.  And I QUIT.  So, I am going to get back to what I once loved, dance.  When I get back some flexibility and strength, maybe I will dust off my ballet slippers!

13) I wonder, often, how does The Pioneer Woman do it?  She has double my amount of kids! She takes amazing photographs.  She makes amazing meals.  She home schools her kids.  She writes cook books. She helps on the ranch. She watches tons of movies and tv shows. She has a TV show.   AND she seems to love her sleep as much as I do.  How does she do it?   I hate her so much.  Really, I love her so much, but sheesh, she is making this Suburb Woman feel a wee bit inadequate.

Wheeew!  That feels a little bit better.  I think I will haul out my recipes and begin that plan!


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