Monday, January 19, 2015

On Pace

I made some goals in addition to my In Place mantra.  They are selfish goals.  I want to make more quilts, read more books, and write more blogs.  As a mom and a wife and a woman, I often put my wants and needs last.  I am sure I will still do that often, but I am going to try to do that less.
I made a goal to read 40 books this year.  I should not really say read though, more like experience 40 books this year.    What in the world does that mean?  Experience a book?  Well, I have discovered the wonderful world of Audiobooks and I got kind of hooked.  AND THEN, my parents got me a wireless blue tooth speaker.  It has been nothing short of  life changing! I tell you.  Bubble baths will never be the same.  Doing dishes, not the same.  Any task that I can do while I listen to a book is simply not the same because I am getting to take in books while doing dreary stuff that has to be done.  With Audible, I am mowing through books I have wanted to read.  I just finished The Kite Runner while claiming a victory over my junk drawer.  Then came One Shot at Forever on the tail end of an exhausting road trip from South Carolina.  After that,  I devoured a chunk of American Sniper while taking down my Christmas decorations.  I need the kids back in school tomorrow so I can finish and go see that in the movies.   I am also actually reading with my eyes the more fluffy Big Little Lies for my Read Between the Wines Book Club.     I think I might have to review my books in a later post.

I also want to make more quilts this year.   If I finish what I want to finish I will complete my 50th quilt this year!!!  I started when I was pregnant with G in August 2006.  I made 2 quilts that year.  The next year, I made 3 or 4.  Each year has brought more and more desire and more places I want to spread the quilty love, so each year, I have made more.  This year I have 14 quilts in various stages of planning and process.  14!  I am currently not on pace with that goal, but with any luck, I will get some alone time and get some work done.

As for the blogging, I was cruising along tonight and then Doug came in and asked me 45 questions about the electronic interactions kindle books and audio books.   I told him I don't know. See, I don't mix my drugs.  Just kidding.  I just don't buy a book twice if at all possible.  If I am reading, I am reading.  If I am listening, I am listening.  But, "I don't know" is never an acceptable answer for him.  Ever.  It is an invitation to ask a lot more questions which also really deserve an "I don't know".  He forces me to feed him a stream of fact mixed with fiction and some total B.S. to satisfy his curiosity. I joke.  I always adequately research my answers and deliver them without a sigh or an eye roll.
My point in that is the second I sit at a keyboard with a purpose, some silent alarm sounds declaring it Open Season for important, life at stake interruptions such as, "Mom, come watch this replay of a play a did on Madden".  Ahhhh, yes darling, I would love nothing more to watch an electronic replay of a pretend game of 2 teams I don't care about.  Or, "Mom, I can't find any bobby pins"  Ummmm, have you checked your bedroom floor, because I know there are no less than 20 that you tossed aside.  If not there, try the car.  There are enough in there for MacGyver to build a tight rope and cross the Grand Canyon.   Let's not forget the dog with bowl in mouth and a sad, sad, face "Are you going to feed me?"  Listen, Dog. I just filled your bowl and watched you eat.  Nobody is starving here.  And nobody seems to bother me when I am perusing pinterest or facebook. Oh, no. Only when I try to put coherent thought to paper.  But alas, I shall try to embrace these moments and use them to fuel the fires of my passion for writing.
So now 19 days in to 2015, I can say here's to reading, writing, sewing, picking up the pace, and getting things in place!  It still feels good.


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