Monday, September 23, 2013

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say.......

Well, my fearless followers, I am sure you are wondering where in the world I have been?  I have been with Ozzy Osborne going off the rails on the CrAzy TrAin!  And it hasn't been a good crazy either.   Good crazy is baseball tournament weekends.  Good crazy is Nutcracker week.   Good crazy is last minute Christmas shopping.   This crazy has had me stressed, mad, sick, hot, cranky and generally "none fun".   None fun is how my daughter used to tell me she was not enjoying something.  I like it because none fun seems to have more impact than no fun.  Since I had nothing nice to say, I, go ahead and finish the old saying, I said nothing at all.    Because that is what my Mom taught me to do.   This was more of an emotional lock down.  Also, I didn't want to turn my rainbow all black and grey and dull writing rage posts.  If you are in to rage posts, go check out People I Want to Punch in the Throat.  She does rage well, and is funny too.  She had lots of commentary on Miley at the VMA's.
Anyway, as I was stewing, I gained some perspective on things.  I learned I need to be more specific.  When I applied for a job at the kids' school, I prayed for God to put me where he needed me most.  I interviewed for a position that I wasn't even considering.  I got it.  The people who hired me left the school.   The job turned out to be totally different from anything I expected.  I cried a lot and considered quitting.  I was moved to another totally different position.  I am now feeling much more at peace with everything.  I am not sure if God got me where he needed me the most or my principal got me where she needed me the most, but whatever the truth is,  I am happy in my new position.  Buuuuut, the next time I am considering making big life changes, this will be my prayer.  "Dear God, That was one amazing train ride we had last time.  Please, I beg of you, put me on a direct flight to where you need me the most. First class, if that is not too much trouble."  JUST KIDDING. Maybe.

I learned that I have amazing friends.  I knew this, but they stepped up their game for me over the last few weeks.  Friends who let me cry.  Friends who listened to my insecurities. Friends who genuinely want to see me succeed.  Friends who genuinely want to see me happy.  Friends with much more faith in me than I have in myself.  Friends who make me laugh.  Friends who make me cookies. Friends who make me better, just because I am lucky enough to know them.

I have learned that I have amazing kids!  This too is something I knew, but they proved it to me, again.  They put desserts and notes in MY lunchbox the first week of school when I was overwhelmed and did not do the same for them.  They made me a clip board to keep my bus list on.  They made me a sign to hang on my classroom door so I wouldn't be the only one on the team without one.  They have been on the ball in the morning and patient in the afternoon.  They were without a doubt sent to me on a First Class ticket and I am eternally grateful.

I have learned that my dad is so wise and my mom will do just about anything in the world to help me- even post surgery, even in a cast "boot".  I have learned that my husband is very patient.   I have learned to walk around the baskets of laundry that need to be folded and put away.   I have also accepted that they may be there for the next 12 years because there are more important things to do.    I have learned that I really do miss my sewing machine.  Last of all, I have learned that 9:00 is a good bedtime for me these days!  Good Night!

PS- The forecast here is finally cool in the morning and below 90 in the day.  This greatly increases the chance for rainbows!


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