Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014....On Your Mark!

Oh my, how the time flies.  Very cliche' saying it,  but it is true.  2013 was a pretty good year, though as I try to really reflect on it, all I see is a blur.  A blur from behind the steering wheel where I spent much of my year driving up and down the road to baseball and dance and back again.  And believe it or not, I liked that part of my year very, very much.
I learned some lessons in 2013.  I learned that the only one who really has my best interest at heart is myself. I learned that the voice of God maybe is not a voice heard by my ears, but a feeling felt deep in my gut.  I learned that when I put myself in a place where I am not able to use my gifts and talents, I wilt. I learned that my dad is on the short list of people who probably have my best interest at heart too. Well, I have always known this, but now I really, really GET it.  I learned a whole new level of respect for our nation's educators and that I will probably purchase all my teacher gifts at Spec's from now on.  At the end of the day, these people deserve a nice glass of wine.  And if they don't like wine, Spec's has an INCREDIBLE selection of Gummi Bears. Who Knew?!?   I learned just how much I like Gummi Bears!  As I make my plans and set my goals for 2014, my #1 priority is to use these lessons to guide me and make 2014 a better year for me and my family.   That will make for a HaPpy NeW YeAr!


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