Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Color Me Happy

Ok, so last night, I spent some time looking for sassy pretty templates for my blog. I looked at the free sites and I looked at custom sites and I went to bed frustrated because I want to see something pretty and happy and adorable. I cannot help it. I am superficial like that. Sometimes, prepare yourselves, I judge books by their covers. It is true. This morning, it is cold, rainy, and gray outside. For a rainbow kind of girl, you'd think I would be sad, but considering the drought we are having in Texas, the rain is a glorious thing. In fact, I almost always like a rainy day. Maybe it is because we just don't have that many around here. But I digress. This morning, I decided to revisit my drab blog. I looked at all the places again and I decided on a cute, but not me template. Overwhelmed by the installation instructions, I gave up. No hablo HTML. Then I had a lightbulb moment. What is my favorite site for tapping into the talents of others? That's right, ETSY. Within 5 minutes I found exactly what I wanted. Within 10, it was paid for. All accomplished in the comfort of my slippers! I am so excited! So so so excited. Almost as excited as the boy kicking the beach ball in the house creating his own soccer game and begging me to play. So, I shall go and join the game in the arena that is my living room and enjoy the excitement of something new and fancy on the way! KMc


Katy said...

This is not the final product, I was just playing and messed it up-- real bad, and settled on this. Moving on!

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