Wednesday, January 25, 2012


After many trials and errors, I do believe I got my new fancy template on! Isn't it fun?!? Really, it wasn't that hard, but since I can cause my Internet to go crashing by simply searching "organization" on Pinterest, I am surprised that I did this "so simple a caveman can do it" task without 1) causing the entire Internet to be striped and polka dotted or 2) Causing some War Games scenario to play out because I accidentally hit paste in the wrong place.  I like to think I wield that kind of power.  I don't.
For those of you who don't know me, you just got a great introduction to all the things that I love.  I will take you on a tour now.  First up, polka dots.  If you are no friend of polka dots, you are no friend of mine.  Just kidding...maybe.  They will always, always be my favorite.  

Next, scallops! Check them out! When she was 4, I painted a scallop border on my daughter's wall.  She is now 8 and pondering a big girl room but said she would like to keep that.  Wheeeeew.  I was going to be really sad if she wanted to ditch sweet feminine scallops for animal print or something.   If I weren't terrified of waking her up, I would snap a picture this moment and show you.  But, I have a feeling that you will see it at some time or another.   

I also hope that you enjoy the bold bias stripes!  Bias is a fancy sewing word for diagonal.    When I was learning to sew, my mom would say, "You need to cut that on the bias." I had no clue what she was talking about, though I pretended.   When I figured it out, I wondered why in the world she just did not say diagonal.  Come to think of it, why didn't I just say diagonal?  I guess the B word is not that scary after all.  

Last, but not least, the rainbow writing.  You may think it is rainbow writing is juvenile, but in college I made these CRAZY colored study sheets when I had tests.  For some reason, I could remember what color I had written information in on my study sheet and therefore, remember the answers at test time.  Rainbow study sheets are how I got an A in genetics.  My brother sat next to me and got a B.  I have no doubt it is because he was too manly to rainbow write. 

I want to thank Alicia at Dreamlike Magic for doing this. Less than 12 hours after I placed my order, sha-zam! It is here and you are looking at it.  I think that is the Magic part.  In addition to her warp speed, she gave excellent installation instructions preventing any polka dotted doomsday scenarios from playing out.  Another amazing ETSY experience.  

The following is a dramatization:  And again, she exclaimed "Oh, how I love ETSY."  Dreamily adding, "I think I will have to open my own little shop one of these days." Then she tucked herself in bed to imagine what she could make and how Ryan Gosling would be so very helpful to her.  


polka dot skies said...

I just love your new design! It makes me happy :)

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