Thursday, January 26, 2012

Magic Glasses

A few years back, I had PRK surgery done on my eyes so I would not have to wear glasses or contacts any more.  BEST. MONEY. SPENT. EVER!  When I did that, they suggested I get a pair of quality sunglasses.  I have always worn sunglasses because glares and brightness tend to give me headaches.  This is just one of many reasons why I cannot watch Jersey Shore.  It is a medical condition.  The glow of fake tan brings on a migraine.
So after the surgery, I went and bought some Maui Jim sunglasses.  They cost a lot of money.  It hurt me to buy them.  I dreaded telling my husband what they cost.  He had a minor stroke when I did.  I have now had them for almost 4 years.  I love them.  And seeing as how they still make them, I guess that they are not completely out of style---not that I really care.  They have been worth every penny and more.  The nose pieces are small and plastic so I can put them on my head for storage without wrecking my standard issue ponytail.  This was the only feature I was really looking for in choosing sunglasses.  The nose pieces on my old glasses ripped out my hair because they were not integrated into the frame.  Annoying!   These glasses are extremely durable having been repeatedly dropped and haphazardly tossed into the bottom of my purse.  They cut the glare so well that I sometimes even wear them when it is cloudy.  It keeps me from squinting and I hope slows the progression of the crow's feet around my eyes.
I have noticed too that they make some white cars look a lovely shade of pink. The Mary Kay cars turn from their soft pink to a much more vibrant shade.  They are truly a pair of rose colored glasses. Today, they showed me what else they can do.
I was driving my son to preschool and the sun was at our backs.  It was kind of sprinkling rain, but I had on the glasses anyway.  Looking ahead, I saw a rainbow.  I lifted the glasses to check it out and the rainbow pretty much disappeared.  I put them back on and like magic, rainbow!  I welcomed the red light so I could spend the idle time lifting the glasses up and down marveling at what they were doing.  I know it isn't really magic. I took physics.  I learned about light rays, spectrum,  polarization, and prisms. We arrived at school and I hustled my son out of the car and put the glasses on him.  Seeing the look on his face was NOTHING short of magical.


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