Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Slow going....

Well, I would like to say that George's adenoid surgery was a miracle.  It has not been.  Since then, he got strep, complains of frequent headaches (I had NEVER heard this before), and seems to be generally grouchy.  Hoping it gets better soon.  I would hate to think that the doctor inadvertently suctioned out all of the boy's charm, but for now, it appears so.  Booooo!
Juice bag bags are now going well. I have 8 complete and have come up with a method that works well after 8 bags.  I will do a tutorial on those now that I have a method.  Just be patient and begin drinking 14 juice bags.   No, not all at once.  Slowly, because the tutorial will take lots and lots of pictures and I am slow at posting those.  
The teacher's quilt it pretty.  It is plenty long, but a little too narrow for my taste.  I always have trouble getting length onto my quilts and this time it is width.  I am putting that project on the back burner while I stew over whether or not to add a border, which adds lots more work and lots more quilting.....Clearly I am running out of time, but I figure I can put off any decisions for 10 more juice bag bags.  Really, 11 because I am also making a gift bag for the teacher that she can use at the grocery store...because that is the way I roll.  
My daughter has a breakfast reception on Thursday and I told her I would make anything she wants.  She went for Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls.  They are truly not that hard, I just didn't calculate that into my projects of the week.  Maybe, just maybe I can talk her into me buying some sausage kolaches or as we call them Smoky Beefs from the local doughnut shop.  I doubt that will work.
But for now, my loyal few, I must rest.  For tomorrow, I must sew, and have lunch with a friend, and buy ballet tights, and do swimming lessons, and dance class....Oh my, when will I sew??


.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

Hope George is back to his usual sweet self soon! Good luck with all of your projects! You know we will all still love you even if you are not SuperWomen, right;)

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