Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's Up??

I have been on a blog hiatus.  It is not by design, just by being busy.
So, here is a sample of things that have been going on with me.....

1) Lindsay got Trailblazer award at her school.  It can be given for lots of reasons, but hers was that she is a hard worker.  I was extremely proud that she displays that characteristic at school.  In fact, she must use up her work ethic there, because here....I will stop and focus on the fact that she is doing a great job out in the world!

2) George graduated preschool.  I am glad it will be 13 years until he puts one of these on again.  It makes me want to cry.  

3) George had his adenoids out.   He and Elvis were brave little bears.  Here they are before surgery.

He did pretty well, but did not bounce back from the anesthesia.  I got him home and back in bed and my husband came to me and said, "Where's George?"  "In his bed" was my reply.  When my husband said, "Nope", I panicked and went on a search.  He had climbed out of bed and was asleep in his bean bag.  I have never seen him do this.

4) I am working on making juice bag bags for Lindsay's class.  I have 2 1/2 done and 15 1/2 to go before May 31.  I got this.......

5) I am also working on a quilt for her teacher.  It has some work to be done, but it will get there.

6) I mopped my floor today.  The dog came dashing through the kitchen and hid in her kennel.  She put herself in time out, but I couldn't figure out why she put herself in time out.  Well, I went to print something and I stepped in it.  But I didn't know it yet.  I walked around for a while before George said, "Jessie poohed on the floor and she has some thing hanging out of her butt!"  Only then did I see it was on my shoe and I was tracking it all over the kitchen and entry hall.  Fantastic.

7) I cannot bowl in a skirt.  We signed up for kids bowl free, so George and I have been getting some games in before school lets out and it is crazy.  One day, we were in the zone.  We each got over 100 in all of our games.  Today, we were not in the zone.  I think I was having mental issues about fearing showing my backside to the bowling alley because I was wearing a skirt.  That and there was a birthday party and the moms, not the kids, were screaming like someone got a Grammy every time a kid rolled a ball.  And by rolled, I mean recklessly tossed, not always in a forward direction.   I even saw a kid bounce, YES, BOUNCE A BOWLING BALL!  over the bumper into the next lane's gutter.  And people loudly cheered the, umm, accomplishment?!   George even said, "That's annoying."

8) I made some awesome water bottles today for George and his teachers.  My friend Corrie bought a fancy machine that cuts all kinds of stuff and this is what I created with its assistance.   Thanks for sharing your awesome toy!

9) I made Pioneer Woman Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner.  I add some Montreal Steak Seasoning to my meatballs, but otherwise follow the recipe exactly. YUM!

10) I am tired, but I cannot sleep. I fear that George might have Scarlet Fever.  I know this is not the 1800's and I can get him medicine in the morning, but I feel compelled to keep checking him and stress about which doctor to go see tomorrow.  The one who did the adenoid surgery or the pediatrician?!?   And I feel bad that he will quite likely miss his last day of preschool.

So, there it is in a nutshell.  I think I will try to sleep now.


.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

You have been busy! Does George have the sandpaper rash? Hope he feels better soon! Thank goodness for antibiotics!

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