Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sometimes I forget....

Sometimes I forget.....

1)  How much I like music!  I went to a Sip and Doodle paint place last night and she played great music that either brought back memories or just made me feel good.  Today, my husband left the iPod running and I have had a wonderful soundtrack to make my afternoon more awesome.

2)  That having clean kitchen counters really does make me happy.

3) How wonderful a manicure is.  I just feel like a lady when I have perfectly polished nails.  Maybe it is because I look at my hands and think of the scene in Gone With the Wind when Rhett demands to look at Scarlet's hands.  He knows by her hands that she has been working the farm and that it is her hands, not her fancy dress that tell the tale.

4) How much I like a lazy Saturday.   Baseball was a rain out today and it left us with a day wide open.   It has been awesome!

5) My brother's birthday.  It is the same day as my Dad's and I completely forgot to call him.  Sorry little bro.  I am slowly losing it.

6)  How much I love champagne.   Not sure if we call this an honest mistake or a self fulfilling prophecy.

7) That working up a good sweat is a good thing.  My goodness, I have gotten LAZY lately.

8) Sometimes the trouble of getting all dressed (or packed) to go somewhere is worth it.

9)  I really do look much much better if I blow dry my hair....lazy again.

10) I really enjoy writing and blogging even when it is painfully apparent that I have nothing to say!


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