Sunday, January 12, 2014

Progress and a Coaster

I have gotten a lot of stuff started this week.

1. 2 solo dance costumes requiring alterations.

2. Lola's Quilt.  I am expecting a niece any day now and it dawned on me I did not make her a quilt, so I better get on it.  I dug into my stash and found an Amy Butler Soul Blossom strip set.  It seemed to call out LOLA!  Oh, by the way, her parents have not shared her name with the family, so I took it upon myself to name her Lola.  Her sister is Isla (I-la) and I like the ring of it, Isla and Lola.  I cannot wait to meet her and learn the name her parents have in mind.  But until then, "Her name was Lola. She was a show girl......"  

3.  Another baby girl quilt.  Simple squares of grey and cream and navy print.  It will be lovely!  

4. If you are counting, this is quilt #3.  Michael Miller Ta Dot- quite possibly my favorite fabric line of all time.  It would make a lovely gift for Valentine's, My Birthday, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Martin Luther King's birthday, President's Day, Texas Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo, Flag Day, Easter, or National Buy Your Favorite Quilter Some Polka Dot Fabric Day which is RIGHT around the corner!   I also am using Gypsy Bandanna. Happy fun prints!  This one has me a bit stumped, but I think I have found the solution and inspiration to go forth.  Paisley and polka dots---this one may have to be pried from my grasp.  

5.  Handy dandy Ott Lite, Quiet and trusty Janome - I use this machine for piecing and most small projects.  A pom pom that I need to hand sew back on a knit hat.  A coaster.  We will look at that in a moment.  And a frog that my sweet girl bought me in her quarterly school auction.  I like frogs and it was sweet, but I think she had ulterior motives.   I was a bit miffed at her for making me dash home and get her tennis shoes for PE.  I handed down a fee of a Starbucks Hot Chocolate purchased for me and a punishment of being forced to wear unfashionable tennis shoes to school ALL week.  THE HORROR.  Shortly after, she comes bearing gifts......I still love it though.  

6. A scrap stack just out of the package from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics so I can make color coded bins for all of my fabric scraps.  
At $10-12 a yard for fabric, I admit, I hoard every usable inch of it.  It is getting a bit out of hand, but with no scraps, I will never be able to make something like this scrap vortex quilt...........

7. A rag doll in desperate need of her yarn hair.  She has been bald for about 400 days now.  Poor Baby!  

8. Back to that coaster.  I mostly keep it rated G around here, but this jumps right over the line.  It cracked me up and I had to have it.  I find great humor in old fashioned photos being captioned with modern day thoughts.  (Those e-cards crack me up too.) 

There you have it.  My kitchen table.  Thank goodness for our island where we eat our meals!  It may look messy to you, and also to my husband, but to me it looks like progress.  


.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

You are on a roll! Have a great week!

Jen said...

I'm up for trying to pry #4 out of your hands! I'm envious of your work ethic! Enjoy the process...and if #4 goes missing once done...don't come looking at me! ;)

Katy said...

Jen- most of it doesn't feel like work! The dance costumes are more so because they have to fit- unlike a quilt! I think that is why I like making them so much!

Amy Makechnie said...

Hi! I clicked over here from Polka-dot skies...what a fun blog. It makes me want to sew and make a quilt even though I'm not a seamstress at all. Beautiful fabrics!

Katy said...

Amy! Thanks for stopping by. Beautiful fabric is what turned me into a seamstress- though I am really not comfortable with that title, so we will go with "lover of sewing and fabric" Quilts, while tedious, are generally pretty simple. Get some lovely fabric and give it a shot! And, please, stop back now and then. I am almost always making a mess!

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