Friday, March 16, 2012

Craft From The Past 1

Each year we have a Christmas Party with family where we exchange homemade gifts.  I wasn't overly in love with this one when I gave it, but seeing it again years later increased my pride in the project.

I did this a while ago and don't remember exactly how it I did it.  I do remember it was kind of a pain, but there is more technology and more knowledge in photo editing so I am sure it would be easier if I tried it now.

This is a Guess Who? Game that we personalized.  This idea came from a neighbor.  I maintain the stance that I don't have many original thoughts.
I bought a Guess Who? Game when Target had a big sale on games.

Next,  I gathered a bunch of silly disguises and had the family take pictures in them.
Then I sized down the pictures and cut away the background.  (This was the hard part).   I think I did the whole thing in Power Point.  It is my "go to" program.  I really need to branch out.
After that, we thought up silly names to go with each picture.  This was not hard with the help of my husband.
Slick, Rufus, Trixie, Doc, Bert, Ernie.  Your characters will kind of name themselves. I promise.

 Then I put each picture on a red background............

and  blue background.....................

and a yellow background for the cards you draw.........  

Then I cut them all out and put scrap book paper on the back sides of the red and blue pictures.  Use the original game pieces to get the size.   I had a friend laminate them for me.   You don't have to do this. I just thought it would help with the durability.  And I slipped them into the game!  

  Now you can play Guess Who? and laugh at your goofy family all at once!


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