Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Since U Been Gone......

I took my son for a sinus x-ray.  He has had a sinus infection for ummmmm 30+ days (really, I think 3+ years).  We are on our 3rd antibiotic.  Luckily, he doesn't feel bad.  He played over 3/4 of his soccer game and scored a few goals.  When he wasn't running, he was jumping.  See......
He just sounds like he has typhoid and people give me dirty looks when I take him out in public because of it.    
We survived the school open house/auction.  My quilt sold for $75.00.  I spent that much buying bowling with the teacher and 45 minutes of free PE for my daughter's class.  She was thrilled.  If it were me, I would have wanted someone to pay so we would NOT have had 45 minutes of PE, but that was back in the day when we had PE EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  and for some unknown reason, there was not an obesity crisis in the country.  
I also had a plumbing issue.  The sink was backed up in the kitchen.  I took it apart. I found nothing. I put it back together.  Still clogged.  I took it all apart again.  I put it back together.   Confucius say it is better to try to solve the plumbing problem before involving the man of the house, because plumbing make men very upset.   Maybe Confucius didn't say that.  Maybe I learned that by experience.   Either way, I took a deep breath and called him in.  I thought surely carrying a bucket of water and PVC pipe into the yard, TWICE,  would tip him off that something was up.  It didn't.  Rough Day at the home office.  He did all the stuff I had already done.  He couldn't fix it either. This made me just a wee bit happy.   I mean if I were going to be the one to get covered in sink spew, I wanted to bask in the glory of executing the repair.  Defeated, we went on about life and called the plumber.  And then, we went into the laundry room to find water all over the floor.  This was disgusting and reassuring.  Disgusting because I there was a ton of soggy laundry.  Reassuring because this was clearly out of our league.   

I was hopeful that the cause of this back up would also lead us to the cause of the foundation issues that are the cause of my broken tile (which I hate anyway.)  
I entered Fantasy Land.  Cue the harps!  I began picking out wood flooring in my head.   Why stop there?  The carpet would look really bad next to nice new wood.  And how about some new furniture and paint?   And THEN Ty Pennington and friends pulled up in an RV..............  Only, I don't deserve a home makeover and the RV was a plumbing truck, and nope, No Ty.  Brutal re-entry into reality.   
The plumber saved the day.  It was completely straight forward.  My fantasy was dead.  Though, I couldn't really be upset because I didn't have a sink full of yuck anymore.  Back to cooking.  

I cut out a quilt for my niece.  My niece that might even be born on MY birthday.  My daughter and I made a huge dent in my stash of scraps and fabric by cutting scraps to make her 2nd grade market project.  I am afraid that I cannot divulge any further information for fear of corporate spy activity and attempted knock-offs.   I also (FINALLY) cut out all of my Craftsy Block of the Month blocks.  It is March.  I am 3 months behind, or as I see it, right on schedule.   
And now it is Spring Break, and there is no schedule and I can breathe for the first time.     


.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

Love this photo of your little jumping bean! Hope he feels better soon! So glad the plumbing issues are over---those are always frustrating!

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