Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ode to the Oreo

Let me start this post by saying, I am not a big fan of store bought cookies.  I like to bake and I always feel that I can bake better cookies.  The exception, OREOS!  Oh my gosh!  I feel about these the way many people feel about Girl Scout Cookies.  They are the sweet in my pantry that can beckon me from across the house.  I cannot be trusted when left alone with Oreos.  And with Oreos, there is no denying what you have been up to.  The black on the teeth tells the tale.  Speaking of that, one of the best quotes I have ever heard is, "Cleaning a house with children in it is much like brushing your teeth between bites of an Oreo."  AMEN.

The love affair really began when I told my grandma that I did not like chocolate covered cherries.  She started getting me a tin of Crate and Barrel White Chocolate Covered Oreos.  This was back before Nabisco was doing them. And they were much better than what you can get now.    They were covered in a good 1/4 shell of white chocolate and then drizzled with red and white chocolate to make it fancy.  I very reluctantly gave one to each of my family members because that is what Jesus would have done.  No, wait, Jesus would have made that tin of 30 feed a crowd of thousands.  Yes, I do wish I were more like Jesus.   After I exercised this gesture in kindness, I hoarded them.  I counted them.  I became angry when I discovered one of my brothers had been in my stash.  These were such a treat.  

I prefer the Double Stuf variety.  I feel it achieves a better cookie to cream ratio.  I do not dunk.   I have never really liked milk, so I don't want it on my cookies.  Much like I don't usually want fruit polluting my desserts.  Fruit is healthy.  Dessert is indulgence.  I personally believe the 2 are mutually exclusive.  Let's try it on for size though.....Healthy Indulgence.  Nope. Doesn't work.  Back to the processed greatness that is the Oreo.

Thanks to Pinterest,  I have found at least a zillion new ways to enjoy an Oreo.  Click the picture to go to the pin on Pinterest.  To go right to the recipes, click on the website listed below each picture.  It takes you straight to the source.

First up, I am going to be making these for the teachers at my kids' school tomorrow.  Cookies and Cream Oreo Brownies.  That is the trifecta of deliciousness.  Cookies and Cream ice cream, Oreos, Brownies.  Sweet Mercy.

Thanks Kevin and Amanda for sharing this recipe. With any luck, the teachers will be left in a chocolate coma and I can snatch my little one out of there early to get the Spring Break Party started early.

Next up, we have Oreo balls.  These quick and easy balls turn your Oreo into chocolate Oreo poppers.  Below are 2 varieties.  Yum!

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Next up, Cheesecakes................

Here comes the Oreo Cake!  I would totally eat that.

And all of this is really fine and dandy, but I think this looks more like my style!


Lindsey said...

All hail the Oreo!! Love your writing as always. I feel like I need to make you some Oreo truffles now :))

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