Friday, March 30, 2012

Some thoughts on Marriage

My husband loves his Orange Juice.  He is cranky when there is no orange juice.  It is his morning cup of coffee.
A super wife would be be up, dressed, made-up and accessorized, fresh squeezing juice for her honey in their perfectly clean home.    I like to tell myself that she has carpal tunnel from all the juice squeezing, permanent brain damage from bleach inhalation,  and goes completely nuts in public from the sleep deprivation of the painfully early mornings.  People whisper and talk about her behind her back because she actually is a little crazy.

A good wife makes sure that the moment the OJ jug is half low she promptly gets herself to the store to take care of the issue.  She completes the task with a nice coat of mascara and lip gloss, uses a coupon for the juice which makes her husband extra happy.

A mediocre wife, on the morning of her 11th anniversary, hauls her butt out of her cozy bed at 6 AM, wipes the sleep from her eyes and makes a mad dash to the Kroger.  She has a greasy pony tail and her make-up is nothing more than pillow case indentations.   Despite the fact the the door opened, she wonders, "IS this place really open??"  She feels like an intruder.  And she feels guilty that her poor planning landed her at the nearby Kroger with horrible customer service rather than at her beloved Market Street where they still insist on taking your groceries to your car and don't even have self check out lines.  She grabs the biggest thing of OJ she can get her hands on, completes the self check out process (grrrrrrrr!-- I, I mean "she" hates it!)  and dashes back to the house hoping that everyone is still asleep.  They are.
She pours her husband a glass of juice, feeling so grateful that he is a pretty simple guy and he puts up with her in spite of her many, many shortcomings.  He sets the bar pretty low, yet she still manages to fall face first over it, often.  She looks forward to the next 11 years together in which their oldest will go off to college and their youngest will get a driver's license.  And she begins to cry because she feels so lucky to have a man who accepts her mediocrity and simply loves his OJ.


Lindsey said...

Katy, you are so much more than a super wife and nowhere NEAR mediocre! Happy Anniversary to you and your o.j. loving hubby. You guys are one of the sweetest couples we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. All my love on your love celebrating day! xoxoxo

The Tenner Family said...

Love, love, love this!! Happy Anniversary!

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