Friday, February 3, 2012

Friend Friday Vol. 1

I have decided that I should take advantage of Friday to let you meet some of my friends.  Some of my wildly talented, extremely awesome, very inspiring friends. These are some of the people that add much depth of color to my rainbow.  
First up, we have Chad Houser.  I met Chad somewhere around the 7th grade.  He played football on my dad's football team.  They called him "Hollywood" because he had all the latest football fashion.  Whatever the Under Armor of the late 80's was, he was sporting it.   He was also Hollywood Handsome, which was not wasted on the pre-teen ladies.  In middle school, we moved across the alley from him, so he became our neighbor.   He also became my first real boyfriend.   I couldn't have picked a better one.  In high school, Chad listened to the coolest music and was just fun to be around.   
Now as an adult, Chad is a chef and makes the greatest food.  He co-owns a restaurant in Dallas called Parigi.  I love going there, except the people who dine there are so darn pretty.  I always feel a wee-bit inferior driving in from the 'burbs with my hair that doesn't get colored often enough.  The food is worth it, so I venture out when I can.  But, I am not writing about Chad just because he makes a mean lamb chop.  I am not writing about Chad because he made me fall in head over heels in love with risotto.  Creamy, cheesy, sinfully risotto that makes macaroni and cheese feel as inferior as I do among the pretty folks of Parigi.  Nope, it is not that at all.   
Chad and his restaurant partner Janice, dreamed a wildly fabulous dream about opening a second restaurant.  Their concept is simple and fantastic.  They wanted to help  "at risk" youth by giving them  a place that would teach them not only restaurant skills, but much needed life and social skills.  They also provide them with connections to gain employment in restaurants all over the city.  They call this fantastic concept Cafe Momentum.  Their hope is to give these young men a first real opportunity to succeed in life.  This allows them to support their families both monetarily and by putting good food on their home tables.  Currently they are hosting monthly pop-up dinners while teaching the young men from the Dallas County Youth Village to serve and assist in the kitchen.  When they have adequate funding in place, they plan to open Cafe Momentum as a full time venture for serving the young men with personal and professional growth and opportunity while serving you some fantastic food.  
Until this happens, I suggest you get down to Parigi or attend a Cafe Momentum pop up dinner. The experience will feed your body and your soul.  You can also check them out on Facebook.  Like Parigi and Cafe Momentum on Facebook and love them in your belly! 
Signing off for this first friend Friday, I am proud and honored to call Chad Houser my friend.  


Anonymous said...

I have LOVED Parigi for so many years! Even have a cookbook from them. (I agree, it's a little intimidating down there with the oh-so-fahbulous crowd!) So fun that you know well! ; )
Love the Friend Friday idea

.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

What a great post! Wish I could go with you! Sounds like a really neat place and I love that they are helping others!

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