Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Only Wednesday?

Yesterday, I spent in the car running people back and forth and back and forth to and from here and there and everywhere.  Tuesday is usually busy.  If it were weather, my Tuesday is a hurricane.  But yesterday, a rescheduled tutoring session and the regional science fair turned my hurricane into The Perfect Storm.   Click that link to go to wikipedia and read up on the storm.  Fascinating.  I like weather.  I am a nerd like that.  But just to keep it real,  I really liked the movie The Perfect Storm which was based on a book, based on the actual real storm.  It had George Clooney and Diane Lane...what's not to love?     
I woke up this morning thinking it must be Friday.  Tuesday was so packed with activity, it felt like 3 days work.  But alas, it is only Wednesday.  No choice but to drag myself over the hump and knock this day out.
I had an appointment to buy back some of the blonde stolen from me by age and pregnancy, but my hair lady is sick.  Poor her!  She felt so bad about cancelling.  My response was, "Get well and don't worry about it.   When one goes 6 months between highlights, what's a few more days?"  Plus, I didn't have to worry about falling asleep in her chair.  If I sat still for 3 hours today, sleep would happen and drool would likely be involved.  
So my little man and I ventured out to get a few more supplies for an upcoming quilt.  It is upcoming quick. It was not mentioned yesterday, so yes, I am an idiot for taking it on.  After the mad dash to the shop for a couple of yards of fabric, we went to Blooms candy shop.  It is right down from the quilt store.   They have lots of old fashioned candies, Slo-Poke anyone?,  new candies, metal lunch boxes, and an awesome array of sodas that take you far beyond the usual Coke- Dr. Pepper- Pepsi varieties.  Today, I saw this......
Butterscotch Root Beer! Shut Up!  It is the perfect companion to a Butterscotch Bar for a snack. It is creamy, sweet, and delicious.  As the label says, Dang!  That's Good.   And all is right with the world.
The boy picked this.  He hasn't opened it.  I am going to pop it back in the fridge and he can enjoy it tomorrow after Pirate and Princess day at school.  You guessed right, he will be going as a princess...tee hee hee.
Signing off now to pull myself together for an afternoon of art lessons, dinner making, and the dreaded home work packet.  


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