Thursday, February 16, 2012

Little Girl

There is, in my house right now, a little girl.  She loves to make a mess.  She dreams big dreams and has great ideas.  I cannot see her carpet because it is covered with clothes and shoes that she has not put away.  She loves to paint.  She likes ketchup on her sandwiches.  She is persistent and she is kind.  Her first word was baby.  Her favorite place to sleep is curled up next to me.  She loves musicals.  She loves nail polish and glitter.  She grumbles about the stuff she has to do because there is so much that she wants to do.  She loves to pick up worms, bugs, and seaweed.  She talks in her sleep.  She talks when she is awake.  Her favorite movies are The Sound of Music and Cheaper By the Dozen.  She would watch Disney shows for days on end if I would let her.  She wants me to have 10 more kids. She is the reason I wanted to learn to sew.  She wants a little fluffy dog.  She loves New York and Taylor Swift.  She discovered her feet for the first time on Christmas Eve when I put red shoes on her.  She loves horses.  She keeps me on my toes!  She is everything I am and everything I am not.   She will always, always be my dream come true.  


Anonymous said...

So sweet! Gave me goosebumps!

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