Monday, February 6, 2012

I is for........

I got an e-mail for the Craftsy block of the month quilt in my inbox just the other day.  I had to check it out.  If you can tell by the button on the right, I am in.  Maybe I just wanted to put a fancy new button over there. It is animated and everything.  Scroll down to see it in all its glory!

Besides the snazzy button, I decided to take this on because
A.  I am a complete idiot
B.  I am all caught up on my sewing projects and was getting bored
C. My husband begged me to start something new because he adores threads all over the house
D. I am a complete idiot.

I will accept A or D as a correct answer.

You see, I am in the midst of helping my daughter make a Betsy Ross costume for her book report.  (Again, I am a complete idiot).  I am also making a raggy denim quilt for her class to auction off for the PTA. (IDIOT!)
I am also going to make my newest niece to be a crib skirt, a quilt and some pillows and do lots of other sewing for the baby shower I am hosting for her.  I am thrilled and honored to be doing this, but I am thinking that trying to be both Wendy Bellisimo and Martha Stewart makes me a delusional idiot.

But, I thought, it is only 2 blocks a month.  I can do that, no problem.  Idiot, Idiot, Idiot!  I have 2 Block of the Month quilts laying in wait of being assembled into quilts. I got so over them by the end of the year, I have never looked back. And the one I did complete took only 5 years!  F-I-V-E!

I tell myself, this time is going to be different.  For one, I have you, my fearless readers to keep me on track.  You can nag me to see my blocks.  This time, I am going crazy and buying the fabric here and there.  This makes the expense of the "free" block of the month go down a little easier and will cause me to be more bold and daring in my choices.  I have never started a quilt without a clear plan drawn out.  EVER.    So, here we go on a wild and reckless quilting adventure!   And here are my first 4 fabrics.  Red, daisies, and dots!  These will be used to make January and February blocks because by signing up in February, I am already a month behind. Story of my life.

Sometimes, being an idiot is a lot of fun!


Leigh said...

You are the best, sweetest, and most talented "idiot" I have ever met ;) Your neice-to-be will be oh so happy with her quitled/sewn items, but she just kicked me in the rib and said "don't over do it Aunt Katy, I need you to be well rested so you can cuddle with me!"

Katy said...

I am very much looking forward to snuggling that little peanut! I can't wait for her to fall asleep in my arms so I can marvel at her tiny ears and smell that sweet and wonderful new baby smell.

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